After addressing all of the issues we created an amazing space that both Tito and Debbie were very happy with. We framed the foundation walls to create room for insulation and new plumbing and electrical lines. We installed a new prefabricated fiberglass shower base and a brand new delta shower body. A bi-fold glass shower door was chosen because a full size shower door did not have the room to swing open fully. The classic white subway tile and the baby blue painted walls brighten up the space and give the room a cozy feel. The floor tiles and stained wooden door add strong character to the room and the fixtures are clean and sleek. We took advantage of the extra space left inside the wall where the old window used to be by installing a custom built recessed cabinet that was stained and sealed. A combination, heat, exhaust and light fixture was installed in the ceiling outside of the shower to remove all moisture and steam created by taking a shower and to add extra light and heating. Working for your best friends could be tough at times but it was absolutely a pleasure to be able to deliver a great product and make the newly engaged couple very happy for years to come.

Before my best friends Tito and Debbie called me to come and do their bathroom it was very cold, dark and the shower did not function properly. They were interested in a complete renovation that would improve both the look and functionality of their bathroom. They wanted the room to be light with plenty of storage for all of their things. When we demolished the existing bathroom we discovered that the walls were just pieces of drywall laminated directly on to the cold concrete foundation walls. The plumbing was not properly ventilated and an old window was completely closed off. The bathroom had to be re-plumbed to accommodate for a new vanity sink, new shower base and toilet. The walls needed framing all the wall around the bathroom to install the proper amount of insulation where needed and to have strong and level walls to install tiles on to. The entire apartment was sealed off and protected the crew was on the job every day working hard to complete the project.