The new ceiling woodwork was installed and the squares created by the pattern were all laminated with new drywall cut to fit thus creating a brand new beautiful level ceiling. The existing windows were removed and replaced with top of the line triple pane insulated double hung sold wood windows. Since these were no ordinary windows we decided to really make them pop by building out the casing moldings 4” from the wall. This gave the entire window wall much more depth and a much stronger and distinguished look and feel. The amount of detail put into the window wall was just a fraction of the entire project. Everything was built custom from high quality grade wood, solid oak stairs were installed, the window and door moldings were routed onsite to match the original moldings of the home, the radiator cover looks and feels built in but is easily removed for access to the radiator. The project was finished with a very special paint that was brought in from England and made the entire project shine. After two months of non-stop work we completed Gary’s home and made his visions a reality. Gary and his lovely wife are amazing people and it was an absolute pleasure to have met them and working with them was even better. We are very proud of the project and are looking forward to the next time around. Please enjoy the pictures of Gary’s fine dining room!

Before Gary called us to renovate his dining room it had just a couple of couches and a wall mounted TV where Gary and his wife would spend time together. In that same room we had our first onsite consultation and as Gary would say “some people walk into a room and ask why, and others walk into a room and ask Why Not?” That started the creation you see before you in the pictures. Both Gary and I are of Architectural practices and schooling and have a similar eye for concept and design. Gary’s home is a great big house constructed over 100 years ago with very strong bones and high quality craftsmanship that is hard to find nowadays in newly constructed houses. We were both very interested and determined to bring this high level of quality and workmanship back to the house as it so rightfully deserved. We made a plan to make custom ceiling moldings laid out in a perfectly symmetrical pattern. The walls were to be paneled half way up from the floor with custom made wainscoting and finished off with very beautiful and detailed chair rail moldings, base moldings, shoe moldings and shadow boxes created with panel moldings. The plaster walls were repaired to look like new with a level 5 skim coat including a primer and a mesh backing. The ceiling was off level by almost two inches and was cracked and crumbling.

During the Ceiling Build:

Shown Below are pictures taken during the construction of the custom ceiling. You can see the existing ceiling before we started any work, and then you can see the frame and wood work being installed with the laser level as our guide. New drywall was installed inside all of the rectangular spaces after the wood work was completed.


During the Wainscoting Build:

All the walls were cracked, off level and out of square. We took our time to level and square off all of the walls before installing the wood paneling onto the walls. By installing shims in specific locations with glue and nails we were able to install the new paneling perfectly level and have perfectly mitered corners for a seamless look.

During the Floating Ledge Build:

We did not want the ledge to have any visible supports so it can appear to be floating. Heavy duty brackets were install behind the wood panels to support the ledge without being seen. All of the joints were mitered 45 degrees to create a very seamless and smooth look. The ledge looks to be hanging in the air with out any visible supports. The mitered joints make the wood appear as if it was one solid piece. This took a lot of extra time and work but was all worth it in the end.

During the Stair Case Build:

Here you can see the existing staircase after the carpet was removed. They were damaged beyond repair and some treads were completely cracked down the middle. The new stair treads were pre-finished off site and the frame was built separately before the removal of the existing staircase. Additional support was used for the new staircase to ensure strength and eliminate squeaking noise. The old staircase was removed and the new one installed in the same day.