Before we started the demolition and clean out of George’s home it just was not his style. The walls were plain, the furniture and cabinets were old and outdated. He was looking for a dramatic change and a detailed upgrade. The project involved the foyer, master bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room and backyard deck. We came into issues right away with some rotted and broken floor joists, bad plumbing and rusted brick lintels. The kitchen and bathroom floor needed structural reinforcement and leveling. We chose a more challenging method to leveling the floor instead of the traditional cement mud job. By shimming each floor joist we avoided adding the tremendous amount of weight of cement. The bathroom and kitchen were re-plumbed, re-wired and re-framed. The living room, bedroom and foyer were laminated with new drywall. The backyard deck was completely removed and a new pressure treated wooden deck was designed and built including a beautiful hand rail system with a fence enclosing the entire backyard giving George and his dogs Lykos and Lucy a beautiful place to hang out.

 George always new exactly what he wanted and did not waste anytime when it came to making design choices. Every detail was thought out and the house is aesthetically pleasing as a whole. From the one of a kind door hinges and door knobs on the new, stained wood doors, to the big beautiful crown molding accents over the doors, it all flows together. The faux brick panel wall steals the show and really becomes a major focal point for the house. It was a very detailed renovation and everything was either replaced or refinished to match the decor of every room. Custom kitchen cabinets were built and stained by my father Bobby from Fifth Ave Custom Furniture. A beautiful granite countertop and backsplash finish off the kitchen. My father also refinished the entire wood bedroom set and stained it to match the rest of the wood work throughout the house. After all challenges were faced and resolved the project continued smoothly until completion. Finally we moved in the furniture and added George's personal touch to each space with swords, skulls, dragons and artwork. We are very proud and happy to have created a home for George that he can enjoy for years.



Master Bedroom Shown Below

Scope of Work: 

  • Skim coat walls
  • New carpet
  • New moldings
  • New paint job (4 different colors)
  • Re-finish bay window frames.

Kitchen Shown Below

Scope of Work: 

  • Re-frame walls and eliminate all bulkheads
  • Remove radiator pipe from window and install base heat unit 
  • Frame level dropped ceiling 
  • All new plumbing and electrical 
  • New high-hat lighting 
  • New window frame molding 
  • Custom cabinets with crown molding and custom radiator cover 
  • Overhead cabinet lighting
  • Level floor without cement using shims and plywood 
  • New floor tiles 
  • Granite counter tops and backsplash.




Bathroom Shown Below

Scope of Work: 

  • Re-frame walls 
  • Re frame and re structure floor and ceiling 
  • All new plumbing, all new electrical
  • High-end fixtures including cast iron deep soaking bath tub
  • Waterproofing and insulation
  • New window and custom marble window sil
  • Cement board and moisture resistant drywall
  • Floor to ceiling tiles