After the removal of the existing front porch, steps and terrace we began to pour the proper footings and construct the new block walls that would be showcasing the new stones. The facade and side of the house was laminated with acrylic stucco and insulation that not only looked great but sealed up the home from the cold air. All the windows were trimmed with flat square accent moldings that work perfectly as part of the design. Each stone was hand laid in a random pattern to create the look of a real natural rock wall. Beautiful dark gray paver stones were laid for the terrace floor and limestone steps tie everything together to achieve the look of a natural stone house. The final product not only looks solid but is solid in every part as we did not skip any detail in making sure the job was built strong and will last a very long time. George and his wife can now enjoy their new stone palace.  

Before George called us to renovate the exterior of his house, it was a basic red brick facade and front porch. It was not anywhere close to the way George pictured his home to look as he had specific taste and new exactly what he wanted. He wanted a stone look to the house with some Gothic detail and color. A lot of planning and design had to be done before we could start the project but once everything was finalized we knew it was going to be an amazing transformation and definitely an eye catcher. Everything had to be removed and rebuilt to the specifications of the design. The final product had to not only look good and strong but had to have the foundation to last a lifetime and that is exactly what we did.