Before Gus called us to repair his sidewalk it was in very bad shape with various cracks and many flags had settled and were uneven with the adjacent ones. There were weeds sticking out of the cracks and some of them were just completely broken.

After filing for DOT permits required to perform this job, we began by closing off the sidewalk sections at a time to allow for pedestrian traffic. We broke up the old concrete, disposed of the debris and prepared each section for the new concrete pour. We used very strong concrete design for sidewalks. The dirt was graded, leveled and compacted strong and tight. We placed vapor barrier and wire mesh to ensure long lasting durable concrete as we do in all of our sidewalks. It was not in the budget to replace the entire sidewalk so we had to work piece by piece which is often the case. The worse parts of the sidewalk were removed and now Gus has improved the quality of his sidewalk and made a safer and stronger place for pedestrians to walk.