Before we came into the picture George and Kathy had a 60’s styles basement with wood paneling and linoleum floor tiles. They were looking to create a new comfortable living space to hang out with family and friends. The plan was to create a bathroom, wet bar area, closet space and an exercise room. This was a big transformation from the original style of the basement and we did not disappoint.

The project began with complete demolition and disposal of existing paneling, flooring, and framing. Basement concrete walls were sealed, insulated, framed and drywall was installed. Partition walls were built to create the desired floor plan and the space began to take shape. The basement was re-wired receiving a combination of about 50 light fixtures, outlets and switches. New wood flooring was installed throughout and the staircase received a major facelift and new banisters. Not a single detail was overlooked during this renovation. The wet bar came out beautiful with custom bamboo cabinets, granite countertop and a glass mosaic tile backsplash. George did not waste any time stocking it with the essentials and ready to entertain. The bathroom which was a special challenge from the beginning of the job due to plumbing logistics became a showpiece that we were very proud of. We had our professional photographer, Thanassi Karrageorgiou from Nas Karas Studios come and capture the real beauty of this basement. Everyone was very happy…for a while.

Less than a year later Hurricane Sandy hit and left the basement under 3 feet of water. The whole neighborhood had suffered from flooded sewers and the waste lines in the home backed up spilling into the newly renovated basement. There is a positive side to this if you can believe it. The new bathroom we built in the basement created an outlet for the water to escape without affecting the main floor of the house. Otherwise the damage would have been spread throughout the entire main floor and eventually into the basement as well. Now it’s personal.

We responded to George’s heartbroken phone call immediately and began to remove the damaged furniture, cabinets, wood floors and the bottom halves of all the drywall. The basement received a deep, detailed cleaning and drying. When George gave the go-ahead to start with the rehabilitation we said this time the basement will be even better. The floor was leveled with a dry-pack mud job and ceramic tiles were laid throughout. The walls, cabinets and bathroom were all restored to the originally renovated condition. Heating and electrical was provided by the hurricane relief programs.  We all took an emotional hit with this project but are happy to say that everyone is safe and sound including our masterpiece of a basement.