We demolished the entire room including both partition walls and started from scratch. The concrete floor needed to be removed and re-poured, all the walls were re-framed and insulated and the entire bathroom re-plumbed and re-wired. A new layout and a stand up shower created a much more functional and beautiful space. Lee and his girlfriend did an excellent job in choosing finishes and everything came out gorgeous once it was completed. A marble window sill was designed and installed and a feature strip of glass mosaic tiles continues around the shower area bypassing through the center of the shower mixing valve. Floor tiles were ripped in half and used as a base tile to finish the borders of the floor. All the details in the bathroom standout and make the space shine. On the outside of the bathroom we also installed new drywall and finished a small laundry are for Lee's washing machines. There is no comparison with the old and the new bathroom and we were very happy to please Lee and his girlfriend.

Before Lee had asked us to renovate his basement bathroom it was suffering from a rotted wooden floor, rotted window sills and had major plumbing issues. The bathtub was resting on the galvanized steel waste lines and was cracking the surrounding tub tiles from the constant sagging. It was not a bathroom that Lee could have his guests use when they were outside in the backyard pool. Lee was looking for the right job to correct all the plumbing and structural issues and to design a modern sleek bathroom that he would be proud to have his friends and family use. After an onsite consultation where the major design issues were worked out we formulated a game plan and were set to go. Everything needed to be done over and the plan was to improve the look and feel of the room while staying within budget and time frame. We were already working in the neighboring houses so we started immediately and worked very hard to complete the project on time.