After the bathroom was designed and agreed upon we started the project of building Louisa her dream bathroom. We began with complete protection of the home and then the compete demolition of the existing bathroom. The new bathroom got all the plumbing replaced and reconfigured, new electrical for new lighting, exhaust and heating. All the walls, the ceiling and the floor had been squared off, leveled and plumbed to ensure that our finished product looked perfect. A beautiful deep soaking cast iron bathtub was installed with a custom storage ledge built behind it for Louisa things. The shower walls were tiled with gorgeous marble subway tile and the floor was tiled with a nice slate color tile to accent everything. The walls were painted a two tone gray that ties it all together. Chrome hardware and fixtures make the new bathroom shine. We at Lykos Construction are proud to say that Louisa we be enjoying her new lovely bathroom for a very long time. 

Before Louisa had called us to renovate her bathroom it was outdated and had a few issues with a leaking toilet and noisy exhaust fan just to name a couple, but the main problem was that it was just not her style. Louisa had been dreaming of her perfect bathroom for a long time and new exactly what she wanted it to look like. A lot of time and thought went into designing her dream bathroom. On our initial consultation Louisa had a collection of bathroom pictures that she had taken in hotels that she had stayed in and pictures of bathrooms that she had found on the internet and we had a clear vision of how the bathroom was going to built. The existing dark blue fixtures including the bathtub, pedestal sink and toilet all had to go, along with the old gold colored hardware that Louisa just could not stand anymore. We were happy to take on the project and give Louisa the bathroom that she had long been waiting for.