Before Steve called us to pour a new concrete platform for his body shop the existing concrete floor was cracked and off level. He needed a level and sound foundation for a new paint booth that he was going to install for his body shop.

After we laid out the area that was needed for the very big paint booth and made our shore cuts we removed all the existing concrete. A key to the design of this platform was that it did not create a step after we leveled it off. We had left and extra 3 feet around the perimeter of the new raised platform which we used to pour a gradual ramp to the existing floor. This eliminates the trip hazards of having any steps in a professional paint and body shop. We poured 5” of very strong concrete reinforced with steel wire mesh and protected by plastic vapor barrier. The new platform is level and finished off with a smooth trowel finish. Now Steve has a safe workshop and can install the new paint booth.