The new deck extends the length of the entire backyard and maximizes the space. New concrete was poured along side the house and the driveway to shed water away from the house and to give a solid base for storing his garbage cans. All the decking boards were hand selected and pre-drilled before driving 3" exterior screws into each joist. The handrails were built on site along with the custom gate to match. The deck was also wire and plumbed for a gas BBQ, convenience outlets and a garden hose. Solar powered post caps accentuate the deck at night add a beautiful detail the intricate handrail system. The deck is built extremely well, stands strong and beautiful and Tony and his family are very pleased.

Tony's old deck was original to the house and was in bad shape. The winter snow and ice melting and soaking the wooden post rotted them away and the deck had become unstable and unsafe. It was also no longer big enough for his growing family that he enjoyed entertaining on the weekends. Tony wanted to build a new stronger and bigger deck that he can use to host his infamous BBQ's and  that his grandchildren can enjoy. We removed the old deck and removed all the cracked and uneven concrete from the entire backyard. The dirt was graded and compacted and 24 footings were dug 3 feet deep to ensure a strong foundation for the deck. The footings extend beyond the grade level 12 - 16 inches protecting the wooden posts from water damage.