Before they called us to work on their basement apartment, Val & Al, a couple of hardcore do-it-yourselfers and very dear friends of mine, it was wall to wall bright red dirty carpeting, it had been painted many times over which made the base moldings look nasty and the bathroom was tiled bright pink. It was in need of a major face lift to be ready to show. After walking though the apartment with Valerie, who does not miss a single detail, we came up with a game plan and went to work. We removed the carpet and refinished the floors, staining them a deep beautiful cherry color. We skim coated the walls, and painted everything clean and bright white. These were the easy parts. The challenge was what to do with the pink bathroom. After a meeting with Al, an experienced renovator, we came up with a plan to laminate the shower walls with prefabricated panels and laminate the remainder of the bathroom walls with moisture resistant drywall. It worked perfectly transforming the pink bathroom into a beautiful, clean and modern looking bathroom that any tenant would like.

 As for the nasty base moldings throughout the apartment, we stripped, sanded and painted them and finished them off with a simple quarter round molding. This gave us the clean cut look we wanted and the place came out great. The foyer was tiled with beautiful ceramic tile and the main entrance door a great big solid oak door was refinished and stained with all new hardware installed. It was also in very bad shape with many layers of paint on it and loose boards that were all repaired. Val & Al were extremely happy with the new apartment and coming from a couple of tough critics it means a lot. Now they can proudly show the apartment to potential tenants.